Anonymous said: There is a difference between calligraphy and sloppy cursive handwriting! Progress before/after shots are one thing but someone's messy marker doodles are not calligraphy. You should raise your standards. You can comment on people's work to encourage them without filling up people's dashes with this stuff. There's way too much good work out there from people making progress or at least using guidelines!




I wondered when I would get this message from someone too cowardly to attach their name to the message of shame.
Don’t like what we post?
Put up or shut up.
People practicing and learning and growing is 1000x more awesome to us than the same 50 perfect examples.
Screw you very much.

To everyone else be ye beginners or pros: No one can judge you but you. Improve yourself based on your OWN yardstick.

Calligraphy is very beautiful but it is not a natural handwriting hence why we see the beauty in each line. No one, not a single person, started writing and it was calligraphy and it was perfect.

Yes these “amateurs” make mistakes.
But you know what mistakes tell us?
They are human.
If personX makes mistakes and they keep going and keep trying and they are getting better then it makes the mystery out of it a little for those of us who see the errors However it also puts the art within reach.

So go fuck yourself anon, if you don’t like this blog go start your own but don’t think for a damn minute that I am going to change the why and the way this blog is run for some little coward.

Yes. This.

I can’t tell you how many times I see someone post “Whoa I got reblogged by [fuckyeahcalligraphyscribebynight & (who else am I missing?)]!” and it only motivates them to practice more and get better.

We all have to start somewhere - and yes, those baby steps are often not perfect, not pretty, and full of stumbles and falls. I still think my own calligraphy is full of stumbles and falls. But we all share a great love for calligraphy, and we’re all on this journey together.

I know someone who actually learned writing modern calligraphy with just using ballpoint pens and gel pens. When she started using dip pens, her writing didn’t changed- still as stunning as ever.

Also, there are other kinds of calligraphy which uses markers as their writing tool. Like gothic and islamic calligraphy (correct me if I’m wrong) another one is, chinese calligraphy which uses a brush.

Everyone starts off with sloppy cursive writing. No one’s born a professional calligrapher. Got it?

"Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and forgiving heart. Be the one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them."
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